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Spa Pedicures

Simple Pedicure…………………$25
           The simple cleaning for a quick touch up: grooming the nails , take care of the cuticles,, and scrubbing imperfections of the heels. The touch up is s of the heels. The touch up is then ended with a soothing massage therapy before taking on the rest of the day’s duties.


Detox Soak Only………………..$30


Royal Deluxe Pedicure……………….$37
           A simple pedicure with some honors: added callus removal after walking throughout the palace and hot stone massage to relax. 

OPI Deluxe Pedicure……………$42
           The relaxing experience of the Deluxe Pedicure taken to a higher class with sea salt aromatherapy, sea salt scrub for exfoliation, cooling gel to relieve aches, hot stone massage for muscle relaxation, and a cooling mask to help draw out impurities. All is needed to feel fit for the crown.


Voesh Pedicure……………….$47
          100% paraben free OPI Pedicure


Nu Skin Pedicure………………$52

            An all-natural pedicure for queens and kings with sensitive skin. An herbal mineral bath is prepared to help soften the skin and calm the body with its aromatherapy. The Liquid Body Lufra is used as an exfoliator that washes away any impurities and excess dirt. Legs are of life, and a hot stone massage for relieving aches. This includes a skin treatment with a assistances of the Epoch Sole Solution Cream and the Epoch Baobab Body Butter to hydrate dried skin; this, leaving skin feeling lusciously soft all day.


Royal Thorne Deluxe Pedicure……$57
            Royal’s new and improved pedicure, inspired by a Lynny’s favorite getaway spot, Cancun. Your feet with swim in coconut milk infused with Epsom salt and aromatic oil drops for a relaxing getaway of your own. Included are: honey mask, sea salt scurb, cooling gel, hot stone massage, cooling mask with hot towel treatment, and paraffin wax. All fit for those who need a royal spa of their own. 

Herbal Escape Pedicure……$62

             The botanical gardens of a kingdom are the most elegant of any othes. This pedicure will take you into essence of the most beautiful flora. Infused with herbs and flora, your feet are submerged into an aro
matic pond with fragant oils, scrubbed with exfoliates, massaged with moisturizing lotions and hot stones, and covered in a cooling mask. Originality is the best aspect of any garden; therefore, you have the privilege to decide with flora to use for your spa: lavender (sweet & floral scent), spearmint (sweet 7 minty), rose petal (sweet & floral scent), ginger (peppery & warm scent), or eucalyptus (sharp & fresh scent).